Get started with app migration for Jira using JCMA

Welcome to this Jira documentation space of the Early Access Program (EAP) for app migration!

This EAP program allows you to use the automated app migration feature of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) to migrate app data from server to cloud.

We strongly recommend that you read our ‘Before you begin’ page to understand:

  • what you must do before starting the EAP

  • known issues with the EAP


  • To give feedback or contact support
    This doc space is a community site, and it allows you to provide feedback through page or inline commenting. We will use your comments to improve our product and documentation. Anybody on the internet can view your comments. To know your rights and responsibilities as a customer of our cloud products, read our Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service.

  • To contact support
    If you need to contact the support team, use the MOVE ticket created when you joined the EAP. Read more information on getting support.


This document describes new features of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) that now lets you migrate your app data from apps installed on your server to your cloud site.

NOTE: These new app migration features are currently:

  • in development and are not yet in production

  • available to you only as part of the Early access program (EAP) for app migration.

If you need help, see our EAP support page.

What you’ll find in this docs space

This documentation space contains information on performing three main steps for app migration using JCMA:

NOTE: Use the above guides in conjunction with the publicly available documentation for the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

Supported Marketplace Partner apps

This section provides key information about supported apps for the JCMA EAP.

  • Not all apps can be migrated during EAP.

  • Use this list to stay up-to-date with apps supported for EAP. This list is updated regularly.

  • Apps marked as CLOSED are supported for EAP.

  • Apps marked as WAITING FOR RELEASE are not yet supported. You will not be able to migrate data for those apps.  

Before performing a migration

We recommend that you review the following information before performing a migration:

For instructions on how to perform a migration while participating in this EAP, you can follow our customised migration documentation here.